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Effective and expertly crafted dental marketing with a proven return on investment.

The more competition you face in the dental market, the harder your dental marketing has to work to stand out. But it’s also your chance to be extraordinary – and let the world know.

Marketing your practice to grow your patient list is an investment – either in time, by doing it all yourself, or financially, by hiring a specialist marketing agency to manage it all on your behalf. But, like any investment, it will yield great returns if you do it right. And that’s where we come in.

Milkshake offers a range of marketing packages, each specially designed to combine essential elements that work synergistically to drive your marketing forward and get you more patients.

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Perfectly blended dental marketing goes in… perfectly matched patients come out!

What exactly goes into the perfect marketing mix? Well that depends on you and your practice. No two mixes are the same, just as no two practices are the same! Our aim is not just to deliver more patients to your door, but to make them the right patients for your practice. This means ensuring your marketing sings with your unique voice and reaches those who are looking for the specific services you offer. The perfect marketing blend begins with your individual brief and results in you meeting your perfect patients!

The Patient Generator logo dental marketing package

Pick the perfect patient generator package for your dental practice marketing needs

The Patient Generator - The Polisher dental marketing package

The Polisher

When you need to perfect, polish and project your unique practice brand to catch the attention of the right patients for you. Kind of like how Batman’s iconic and unmistakable beacon lights up the night sky.

The Patient Generator - The Hopper dental marketing package

The Hopper

When you have an awesome website in place but you need people to notice it. Our Hopper shakes things up to make the right kind of noise on Social Media and get patients hopping, skipping and jumping through your door.

The Patient Generator - The Elevator dental marketing package

The Elevator

When your website is ticking all the right boxes but is languishing on page two of the search engine results. The Elevator tweaks and adjusts your web presence to lift your site through the rankings – to infinity and beyond!

The Patient Generator - The Conveyor dental marketing package

The Conveyor

When you have something to say, bespoke direct marketing will convey your message to the patients you want to speak to. The Conveyor works with traditional print as effortlessly as with the magic of email.

The Patient Generator - The Motor dental marketing package

The Motor

When you want it all! The Motor is where all the gears work together to drive the delivery of new patients to your door.

The Patient Generator - Ultimate Dental Marketing Package

The Patient Generator

When you want the cherry on top! The Patient Generator is made up of all the individual component packages that form the Motor, plus a little something extra.

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The service I have received from Milkshake Marketing for the rebranding of my practice has been exceptionally efficient, very professional and of a very high standard.

Dr Yasir NooraniChoose Your Price Dentistry

I would highly recommend Milkshake. Their attention to detail is fantastic and I love the fact we do not need to store stationery, as their printing portal allows me to select my products online and have everything delivered in just a few days.

Bridget Mcgrade The Dental Surgery, London

I would like to thank the Milkshake team for their professional approach to building us a new website. As a result we now have a website which reflects the ethos of the practice and which can help us develop our services further.

John MillerJohn Miller Dental Practice, Oxford

Milkshake built a lovely website for us and it’s working really well. Laura, Luke and Ryan have been very friendly and helpful, especially for a novice like me!

Chris WhiteheadSt. Peters Place Dental Practice

We now see the Milkshake team as development partners who have proven to be creative in problem resolution, reliable in time commitments and always consistent in meeting our expectations. Everything is communicated in a professional and timely manner and the quality of work has been above and beyond what we could have expected.

Nia EvansRhiwbina Dental