Perfectly blended dental marketing from Milkshake

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What’s behind Milkshake dental marketing?

Milkshake is an award-winning, full-service marketing agency that enables dental practices and laboratories to grow and flourish. We started life as part of Manan Ltd, a leading marketing agency for global dental suppliers (NSK, Straumann and Henry Schein, to name a few) – and though we continue to work closely together, we’re now a standalone operation, forging our own unique path in dental marketing.

Our joint offices are a hub for creative minds who collaborate with some of the most experienced marketers in dentistry. It’s that combination of industry expertise and hungry talent that provides us with a unique understanding of the dental world – so we can communicate as effectively with dental professionals as with prospective patients.

Whatever you require, be it a helping hand with your website, tackling the elusive world of social media and digital advertising, creating an engaging newsletter or simply printing up a new brochure, our in-house team has the experience and flair to make clients filter out the noise and tune in to your message. Best of all, our industry know-how means we can do all this with minimal input from you, freeing you up to focus on what you do best – teeth!

Meet the team


Managing Director

Life before Milkshake: Sam worked in field marketing for 12 years and then marketed college apprenticeships for Oxford College.

Life outside of Milkshake: Sam spends her free time reading, cycling and relaxing with family.

Favourite milkshake flavour: Sam doesn't actually drink milkshakes (she's clearly been spending too much time around dentists!)


Senior Designer

Life before Milkshake: Ryan has a background in freelance design and worked for our sister agency, Manan, for around 3 years before defecting to our side!

Life outside of Milkshake: When he's not in the office, Ryan may be mountain biking, fishkeeping, supporting Manchester United and, more recently, playing golf.

Favourite milkshake flavour: Peanut Butter


Lead Copywriter

Life before Milkshake: Nadia was working freelance, writing for corporate clients such as Renault and Dulux as well as lifestyle magazines and not-for-profit organisations.

Life outside of Milkshake: A keen photographer, Nadia's favourite thing to do is to pack her kids and camera into the car and hit the open road.

Favourite milkshake flavour: Malted Vanilla



Life before Milkshake: Katie worked as a sub-editor at Harper’s Bazaar magazine and then as a freelance copywriter for clients including and Aman Resorts.

Life outside of Milkshake: She spends most of her time with her family and amateurishly attempting DIY. She heads to the ice rink when in need of escapism.

Favourite milkshake flavour: Coffee (i.e. a frappuccino!)


Operations Executive

Life before Milkshake: As well as fulfilling the role of Operations Executive, Sophie has been completing her PhD in Paleoanthropology , specialising in the geometric morphometric analysis of skull morphology.

Life outside of Milkshake: Sophie spends her free time cuddled up with her giant dog, shooting arrows and drawing graphite portraits.

Favourite milkshake flavour: Chocolate!


Lead Designer

Life before Milkshake: Dino worked for a leading office products company supplying EMEA regions with advertising, brochures, packaging, retail and exhibition graphics, just to name a few.

Life outside of Milkshake: Dino enjoys dusting off his old vinyls and mixing up tunes, much to his wife’s displeasure. When he’s not disturbing the peace, Dino loves to spend time with his family and friends.

Favourite milkshake flavour: Oreo Cookie



Graphic & Web Designer

Life before Milkshake: After university, Niamh started as a creative designer, working for clients such as Costa Coffee and Royal Mail. She then worked as a graphic designer for a wedding magazine.

Life outside of Milkshake: Niamh enjoys hula-hooping exercise classes, going out for dinner and cuddling her cat.

Favourite milkshake flavour: Skittles


Digital Communications Executive

Life before Milkshake: Ellie was previously confined to a laboratory, where she was working in genetic research. Since then she's run her own web design and development company, with a keen focus on e-commerce and SEO for a variety of different businesses.

Life outside of Milkshake: Ellie measures deer teeth and antlers for a large European wildlife council - as she loves deer! She also enjoys being out in the countryside, gathering and cooking wild foods and watching movies.

Favourite milkshake flavour: Peanut butter or Oreo cookie.


Marketing Assistant

Life before Milkshake: Lee recently graduated from the University of Birmingham with a degree in business management. Whilst at University, Lee used to host a mainstream radio show for the student radio and of course would ‘occasionally’ party!

Life outside of Milkshake: Lee likes to go to the gym most days and enjoys listening to and discovering new music. He likes to go for drinks and to socialise with friends and when he isn't busy being a social butterfly, Lee can be found watching football or reality TV!

Favourite milkshake flavour: Strawberry


Marketing Manager

Life before Milkshake: Marie ran the sales and marketing for a South African herbal tea company for 18 years; she refuses to have milk in her tea to this day. Before that, she worked for a marketing agency in New York, managing events, PR and hospitality for several clients.

Life outside of Milkshake: After years of looking wistfully at catalogues, Marie finally got her own Aga last year; she loves cooking and besides knocking up the odd cake for us, she is also a keen photographer and owns a lot of cameras.

Favourite milkshake flavour: Marie doesn’t like milkshakes, or even milk – unless it’s custard, of course.


Telesales Executive

Life before Milkshake: Bal's has spent a LOT of time on the phone over the years, managing and running sales teams in different industries – including a nine-year stint in cycle maintenance/engineering apprenticeship sales.

Life outside of Milkshake: When Bal is not doing the occasional bike ride or spending time with family, he indulges his love of gadgets and ``finding a bargain`` – presumably because he spent so much on the gadgets, but we don't judge.

Favourite milkshake flavour: Chocolate, though he claims he hasn’t had one for a very long time.


Barketing Coordinator

Life before Milkshake: Lola left Stokenchurch Dog Rescue to live with Nadia and her kids. Her duties at Milkshake include snoozing in the sun, warming our laps at meetings and begging for food.

Life outside of Milkshake: She keeps busy taking the children on walks, guarding the house and occasionally acting as a teddy bear.

Favourite milkshake flavour: Bacon!