How Does Your Practice Grow?

With social media, a practice website and Google AdWords all in a row!


What does your practice have in common with your garden?

Both require nurturing – an investment that will pay dividends when they come into full bloom. Now, it might seem a bit early in the year for a gardening metaphor but, here at Milkshake, we like to stay ahead of things – and besides, with snowdrops starting to poke their cheerful heads up, spring is just around the corner. The question is this: what will you put in place to make your business bloom along with the garden outside it?

Luckily, we here at Milkshake don’t just pose the questions – we answer them too!

We have the perfect package of tools and ‘plant food’ to give your practice the boost it needs to blossom. In dental terms, that means getting new patients in your door and increasing their uptake of high-value treatments. It all happens with a well-orchestrated blend of social media posting and advertising and clever use of Google AdWords, leading patients to a fabulous website that captures their data and converts them from ‘prospective’ to ‘engaged’.

A practical example of how effective Google AdWords can be:

On average, for every 100 clicks your digital advertising campaign receives, you will get approximately 10 enquiries. The table below is an example of a practice in Golders Green using Google AdWords with a budget of just £15 per day, running five different campaigns from October to December.

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