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Amit Mistry

AM Implants

At Milkshake, I’ve been dealing with people who are very good at what they do. They’re also very responsive – I’ve been quite demanding and they’ve got it just right – they got what I wanted and reflected in the work they’ve done for me. They’ve made my vision a reality.

How did you first hear about us?

Through one of your sales reps, I knew her when I was a dental student and we kept in touch since. I contacted her when she started working with Milkshake as I wanted to get a website set up to advertise the work I do.

What did you like and not like about the process?

I said ‘look this is what I want, a logo about me and implants’. You came with several suggestions, one of which I liked particularly, but needed to have something about implants integrated. It was good because you were quite receptive to what I wanted – I was quite specific about what I wanted – something classy, about me, something that shows I do dental implants. I’ve got some really good feedback from people I’ve shown it to.

So we’ve just recently launched your website – any initial feedback?

Yes, I was at Cardiff on a course over the weekend, so I showed it to several colleagues who were like WOW! We got some of the nurses to have a look and they really liked it too. Some of the reps from implant companies had a look and thought it was excellent. We had some of the patients have a look and they were quite impressed as well. We then had some non-dental people look at it and have taken out some non-lay terms to make it easier for the layperson to understand. The changes were very straightforward and easy to do – just sent it over to the team and it was done.

What are you hoping for from the website?

Basically, because I lecture about implant dentistry and I teach and conduct implant clinics at various practices, there was quite a bit of information about me on other people’s websites but I felt it was important to collate it into my own website that I was in control of, that would be optimised and maintained up to date.

Next steps – we’re starting your social media now. What are you hoping for?

I used to work nationwide, but now have drawn a radius of about two hours from where I live, so I want to develop a strategy where I can reach more complex cases around the perimeter but still do more simple cases within it, so I’m only travelling for the more interesting cases. Being able to target social media based on those criteria is very important. I can also post before/after pictures, videos etc.

Do you think we offer value for money?

Absolutely, especially in being available as I go through the learning curve, as social media, for example is all new to me. I definitely feel you care about me as a client. It’s been a very good experience – I’ve been really well looked after.

What can we do better?

Nothing – I’ve had a really good experience with you guys! The only hold-ups have been because of my busy practice and social life, so I couldn’t get back to you straight away.

Would you say you definitely recommend us?

I’d absolute recommend you to colleagues, as long as they’re no competition to me!

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