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Raj & Neal Mehta

Sarum Dental Practice

We’re 100% happy with the work Milkshake’s done for us. Milkshake is the whole package – I can only sing their praises!

The brief

When Drs Raj and Neal Mehta took over the Sarum Dental Practice in Salisbury, they came to us with an interesting predicament. They understandably wanted to put their own brand on the existing practice but didn’t want to alienate the loyal patient base. It would be our job to come up with a fresh new look for them, but one that wasn’t too much of a shock for the primarily older demographic they serve.

The design

We weren’t their first port of call, but Neal told us later that our initial work on the logo impressed him and established the necessary trust us to sit back and let us do everything else for them. “Other marketing companies we tried previously just weren’t getting it right, even from the simple starting point of the logo, so I didn’t trust them going forward.”

Our point of departure for the logo was to incorporate the S for Sarum with a design linked to the location’s rich history. We took inspiration from aerial shots of the Old Sarum, which is a circular fort on the Wiltshire plains, and worked a stylised Saxon ‘S’ into the heart of it. The result is visually stunning, yet still ties in strongly with the history of the area – perfect for their patient base.

The colour psychology

The colour palette is essential to get right, as it sets the tone for practice branding across all platforms – print and digital. Colour also sends subliminal messages and tells people a lot more about your practice than you might think.

Together with the Mehta brothers we decided on orange, a colour psychologically connected to health and optimism, and shades of blue, which are not only associated with trust (think ‘true blue’ constants such as the sea and sky), but were also a personal preference for the dentists. Blue and orange also sit opposite each other on the colour wheel, which makes them perfectly complementary. And that’s important too, because it means the logo is easy on the eyes – in every way!

The logo

Their resulting logo incorporates stunning design with smart psychology, to create imagery that will carry the practice’s history through to its exciting future. It’s a memorable and easily identifiable brand, which is exactly what Sarum was hoping for. In fact, you could say it puts the icon in iconic!

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