Professional dental photography to promote your team and your dental practice or laboratory

Banish those stock smiles with professional photography!

If you’ve been looking at your competitors’ websites to get an idea of what you’d like, you will undoubtedly have seen a few of the same smiling faces popping up. That’s because they’re ‘stock’ images, licensed from photo banks, and obviously not real patients or dentists!

Now, there’s nothing wrong with using stock photography to fill in the blanks on a website, but when you can illustrate your site with high-quality photos of your actual practice and staff, the result is 1000 times more impressive.

And don’t underestimate your patients – they know stock when they see it and, believe us, they’ll appreciate seeing what you and practice actually look like. That’s half the reason they’re looking at your website to begin with – to get a feel for who YOU are!

Here at Milkshake we’re pleased to offer a practice photography bolt-on to our website package, where we send our photographer to you for 1/2 day to get shots of whatever you want them to. We can do staff portraits, wide-angle images of your premises and zoomed-in macro shots of details that make your practice unique, such as that ornate brass door knocker or the fancy floral arrangement at your reception. We can even make your dental instruments look artsy!

Have a browse through our practice photography gallery and see for yourself the kinds of images we can create just for you – that definitely won’t be popping up on anyone else’s website!