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Bespoke websites for dentists and dental practices


What’s the purpose of a practice website and why do you need one?

Let’s face it, no one uses the phone book anymore. Everything, and everyone, is online, so if your practice isn’t, then no one’s going to find you.

A well-built website is a one-stop-shop for visitors to find out everything they need to know about your practice and to help them to make the well-informed decision that you’re the dentist for them. Best of all, it’s information that’s available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Your website will be working for you even when your practice is closed!

All of our websites are tailor-made so, following a free consultation that allows us to understand your business, we create a site that reflects your values and promotes your priorities.

Following the initial consultation, our in-house digital and copywriting team will create a bespoke website specifically to meet your goals. You don’t need to do anything – just review the initial design and check the copy that we’ve written for you, advise us of amends and, when you are completely happy, we send your website out into the big wide world.

Milkshake built a lovely website for us and it’s working really well. Laura, Luke and Ryan have been very friendly and helpful, especially for a novice like me!

Chris WhiteheadSt Peters Place Dental Practice - implantsandsmiles.co.uk

What will you get and what will we do?

Let’s start with the really good stuff. You will be getting a fully responsive website that looks magnificent on your patients’ phones, tablets and desktops and is tailored specifically to your practice. Here’s how it works.

With a little input from you, our team of digital marketing wizards and social media experts will research your local area and other practices in your vicinity. From there we are able to put together a plan on what the content of your website needs to be to get you towards the top of the Google rankings for specific, key ‘search terms’. A good example of this would be that a practice based in Reading looking to increase their implant referrals might focus on the search term ‘Dental Implants in Reading’.

Once the research is complete our team of creative copywriters will start tapping away and write all, yes you read that right, all of the content for your website from start to finish, always focusing on the locality and keyword research we have already performed at stage 1 to ensure peak SEO (Search Engine Optimisation). Oh, and did we mention that we can also arrange for a professional photographer to attend your practice for a ½ day shoot as part of our enhanced website package? This ensures that when it comes to designing your website we can include stunning imagery of you and your practice. Just don’t forget your hairbrush!

Our team of designers will then work their magic, creating a beautifully-designed website that really fits the image of your practice. We will ensure that the website is structured so that it is visible on Google and also complies with all GDC and CQC requirements. We’ll also test it on all the most popular platforms to make sure your patients will like what they see, no matter where they’re seeing it.

We make sure your dental website is compliant as standard

All of our websites meet every GDC, CQC and Data Protection compliance procedures as standard. And rest assured, we are always on top of upcoming regulation changes and will make sure you stay up-to-date automatically, so you never have to worry again!

So what will the website be able to do?

Well you’ve made it this far so you probably know you’ll get a website, but we like to think of it as so much more than that! A Milkshake Dental Marketing website is planned thoroughly to suit your needs and can include, brace yourselves, any or all of the following:

  • Online booking facility to handle your appointment diary online*
  • Contact forms throughout the website that sync with databases to collect all messages from visitors and email notifications to let you know when someone wants to get in touch
  • All the contact information you would ever need! We will make sure every phone number, emergency line, email address and even fax number is accessible and that it’s all in the right place, so visitors to your site can find it with ease (we’re sure you will agree that there’s nothing more annoying than having to dig around page after page just to find a phone number!)
  • Secure patient referral forms so you can accept patients from referring dentists with ease (we recommend speaking to us about adding some extra security to your website if this is important to you)
  • Comprehensive fee guides to ensure complete transparency, allowing patients to see your charges for every treatment you offer.
  • Payment plan signups You can advertise your dental plan to patients and start the process of converting them to your plan by embedding a series of forms.
  • Downloadable files and documents including referral forms, lab dockets, patient leaflets and newsletters and everything in between.
  • Email integrations allowing you to capture the information of potential new patients without lifting a finger.
  • Complete synchronisation with your practice social media accounts (we recommend checking out our social media management packages to see how this can take your practice marketing to the next level!)
  • Links to your Google Business page (this includes the fantastic Google search feature that gives visitors a snapshot of your contact details, Google map, opening hours etc.) and Facebook page to allow existing patients to leave you those all-important 5-star reviews.
  • An integrated blogging platform allowing you to post regular industry and practice news, it’s also important to remember that Google loves fresh, regular content as much as your patients do, so this can have a direct impact on your Google ranking.
  • Targeted landing pages to channel patients to particular treatment options or special offers (these work best when combined with some of our pay-per-click advertising campaign packages)
  • Total analysis We will install two analytical platforms onto your website, including the most popular Google Analytics, allowing us to track almost every imaginable metric of data about who is visiting your website, what they’re looking at and why.


That’s alot to take in, and there’s more!

Most practice websites we create will contain the majority of the things we have listed above and there are more elements that can be included, if you have any questions please get in touch, we’d love to talk websites with you!

Give us a call on 01844 292086 today or contact us another way!

What do you need to do?

We understand that working in a busy practice day-to-day and trying to find time to focus on your website can be difficult if not impossible, which is why we’re here. From start to finish we do all the legwork to make your website do the hard work for you and only require your input at 4 key stages.

This 4-step process is typical of how we create a website from start to finish, however we like to keep you involved as much as possible, both throughout the development phase and once the website is up and running. We encourage clients to keep in touch and we love It when you send us fresh content, such as details of new team members or perhaps special offers that we can push onto your website to keep it up-to-date.

We will arrange a visit or conference call with various members of our team to drill down to the important information at the start of the process, agreeing the main focus topics for your website and how we can get you results. Following this meeting we will ask you to complete a form where you can give us all of the key information in one hit, including the details of your practice and team, and what you want your website to look like.

We will send you a personalised link to the initial creative ideas for your site. This way you can get an idea of the look, feel and function of the website and give us your initial thoughts and feedback. We’ll work on the initial development until you’re happy for us to complete the entire website.

The next time you hear from us we’ll be close to the finished article. The main bulk of your website will have been put together and we will go through it with you to review your final thoughts and amendments. Commonly at this phase we are almost ready to get your brand new website up and running and are just looking to add in those last few images or making some minor changes to your fee list.

Time to go live! We review and test the website thoroughly with our team of digital marketing experts and web designers to ensure there are no issues, and once we’re happy that you’re happy, it’s time to launch!

How much will it cost?

Website without photography

£ 2,695

  • Bespoke design
  • All copywriting
  • 3 monthly amendments
  • 1 year’s FREE hosting
  • Keyword integration and optimisation
  • Google Analytics & reporting
  • Integration with Google+ & Google Business (new registrations only)

Website with photographyMOST POPULAR

£ 2,995

  • 1/2 day professional photography
  • Bespoke design
  • All copywriting
  • 3 monthly amendments
  • 1 year’s FREE hosting
  • Keyword integration and optimisation
  • Google Analytics & reporting
  • Integration with Google+ & Google Business (new registrations only)

Things to consider

Domains, web hosting and emails are all important to think about when developing your new website

Domains and Web Hosting

We don’t include domain transfers and/or email transfers in our packages as we find they vary in complexity. We’ve split how we do this into three clear categories.

I don't have a website or domain

This one’s easy! If you don’t have a website at the moment and would like us to get hold of a domain for you then that’s no problem. We charge a one-off fee in order to do this which becomes a recurring cost over each 12 month period from the date the domain is registered. These vary in cost so give us a call to find out more.

I have a domain but don't have a website

In order to take advantage of your 12 month inclusive web hosting through us you will need to transfer your domain into our hosting package. Generally this is pretty straightforward, but a good thing to get sorted sooner rather than later (There’s nothing worse than having a great new website ready to launch and nowhere to put it). This would be a one-off cost on top of the price of your package, depending on the complexity of the transfer. Give us a call to find out more.

I have a domain and a wesbite

This can be a bit more involved as we need to secure a copy of your current website and move your domain to our servers to ensure minimal downtime. Once we have moved the domain we will ensure we put your existing website back up straight away while we develop the new one, this way you will never lose a patient. We charge separately to your monthly package cost to do this as a one-off fee, however as we can’t guarantee how easy this process will be the cost may vary from practice to practice. Give us a call to find out more.

Email setups

A lot of people often aren’t aware that their web domains and email systems are linked, therefore changes made to your domain can cause issues with your emails. We make sure we analyse your setup before making any changes, ensuring your email systems are always working.

Should the emails conflict in any way we endeavour to offer you the most cost-effective solution. However, similar to the domains and web hosting situations this is charged separately from the cost of your package as a one-off fee. We offer two types of email solution that we find work for the majority of practices.

Milkshake Exchange email system

Most practices need more email addresses, upgraded mailbox space, shared calendars and synchronised contacts so using our advanced exchange email system is the perfect choice! All exchange set-ups are managed separately from your domains, so you never have the worry about conflict.

As well as this the system offers perfect synchronisation and ease-of-use in the day-to-day running of your practice, where a reliable email system is extremely important. There are huge benefits to using an exchange system like this, so please feel free to give us a call so we can discuss your needs.

Our email system comes with a software suite, including set-up instructions, advanced security and a FREE copy of Microsoft Outlook to install in your practice.

Please note that our exchange email systems are charged separately to the monthly cost of your package on a monthly basis. These costs vary depending on how many mailboxes you require.

Email fees

Email Setup per email address (one off fee) – £90.00 +VAT

Email Hosting (annual fee) – £90.00 +VAT