Email marketing campaigns to promote your dental practice, generate new leads and get more patients

Meaningful email marketing that makes it past the spam filter

When you’ve invested in having us create a beautiful newsletter for your practice, or even if you haven’t, the logical next step is to email it out to your patients. But you might be worried they’ll consider it a nuisance, label it as ‘spam’ and simply bin it.

Here’s the secret: as with social media, you have to strike a balance between advertising, informing and entertaining your client base in order to keep them engaged. If your patients can look forward to learning something from your e-shots, receiving a special offer, or even reading something that’ll make them smile, then they’ll be far less likely to hit that dreaded ‘spam’ button.

We offer a complete email marketing package that includes:

  • Creating the content (copywriting and design)
  • Scheduling and sending of the email
  • Mailing list maintenance (dealing with undelivered messages and wrong addresses)
  • Statistical monitoring and reporting back to you (for example how many are opened, read and clicked through)