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What can you achieve in 15 minutes?

We’d like you to try something. Go and sit in your waiting room for 15 minutes. Watch the clock, read the magazines, count the tiles in the ceiling… Bored?

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Your patients spend an average of 15 minutes waiting for you there, so how can you make that time better for them while also working for you? We’re very excited to introduce a new service that will allow you to harness that 15 minutes to:

  • Educate your patients about issues such as preventive dental health or oral cancer screening
  • Entertain them while they wait, so they are more likely to come back and recommend you to their friends and family
  • Calm nervous patients, to stop them focusing on the treatment to come
  • Suggest your more lucrative elective treatments that they might not otherwise consider

Milkshake is pleased to present Milkbox TV!

Milkbox TV is a television channel for your waiting room that will be branded for your practice and include bespoke content that you choose for your patients. You can even live-stream news and local weather. Best of all, you can showcase special offers and promotions for your patients to consider while they wait.

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What could this mean for your practice? It’s all in the numbers:

90% of patients choose to watch the TV
50% increase in uptake of private treatments
50% increase in over the counter sales
43% increase in sale of cosmetic treatments

With results like that, the decision’s a no-brainer. Give us a call today and let’s set you up to keep your patients educated, entertained and engaged with your practice!

*‘The benefits of personalised waiting room TV’ by Sarah Blyth,, December 2014.

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