Getting their attention

Sometimes the best way of getting people’s attention is by putting yourself right under their noses. Traditionally this approach has involved posting out newsletters or flyers to your mailing lists, but today it also includes email, which is instant and free. Direct marketing can get great results – frequent and relevant communication will remind current patients to come in for routine appointments and also to engage more actively with your practice, boosting the uptake of elective treatments – so long as it’s done in the right way.

How it works

When you’re putting messages in front of your target audience, it’s important not to be boring or, worse, annoying. The last thing you want is for your newsletter to end up in the recycling bin or your email intercepted by a spam filter.

We aim to create ‘keepable’ content that ticks the three E’s: Educate, Entertain and Engage. In this way, patients are encouraged to read every last word and then, critically, not only keep it but share it with their friends and family.

This package includes:

Dental Newsletters

Newsletters to your existing patients can be sent via email (ideal for including links back to your website and social media accounts) or printed on good old-fashioned paper, for the more traditional patients on your list.

Email Marketing Campaigns

We can create e-shots to highlight a particular service, special offer or upcoming event. E-shots can be cleverly customised for specific audiences, for example a teeth whitening offer to patients who’ve just had their braces off.

Direct Mail Postcards

Sometimes the best marketing messages are the ones that will fit onto the face of a postcard – so that’s what we create! These are ideal for eye-catching offers and invitations to special events.

How much will it cost?

Price breakdown

Our monthly packages are based on a 12-month contract term to make paying for your marketing more convenient. Prices exclude VAT.

35% Deposit

11 monthly payments

Total payable

Package breakdown

Below you will find a breakdown of everything included in the package. When you sign up, our team will discuss the products with you in-depth to make sure your marketing package is working best for you.

Dental Newsletters

  • 3 x double-page A4 (electronic and printed)
  • Copywriting and design

Email Marketing

  • 6 x sent bi-monthly via EXACT or via a MailChimp account (or similar)
  • Copywriting and design

Direct Mail Postcards

  • 3 x A5 (electronic and printed OR integrated with Software of Excellence’s EasyPost)
  • Copywriting and design