Got a great website?

Good! Now you need to think about social media – so that your website is seen, and by the right audience. Social media is a fantastic way to meet people in your community, connect with current and prospective patients and direct them towards your website, where they’ll be given the all-important nudge to make contact. However, it’s not as easy as just setting up a Facebook or Twitter account and expecting everyone to somehow ‘friend’ you out of the blue.

How it works

We act on your behalf, doing all the social media stuff you’d do if you had time. We create your profiles and make sure they’re suitably branded and link to your website. We follow appropriate local and national accounts and build your followers by interacting in a positive and productive way with those accounts.

We create and post content for you, always ensuring it’s done in your tone of voice and highlights those elements of your business you wish to promote. We also create and manage advertising on social networks to give your profile an extra boost, for example with special offer campaigns. You always retain editorial control and nothing goes out until you’ve given it the thumbs up.

This package includes:

Complete Social Media Management

We take charge of all your social media, creating your profiles on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, building your followers and keeping you updated every step of the way. When you’re ready, we can then go one step further to create and place adverts for you on various platforms using our Social Media Advertising Management.

How much will it cost?

Price breakdown

All of our packages are based on a 12-month contract term to make paying for your marketing more convenient. Prices exclude VAT.

35% Deposit

11 monthly payments

Total payable

Package breakdown

Below you will find a breakdown of everything included in the package. When you sign up, our team will discuss the products with you in-depth to make sure your marketing package is working best for you.

Complete Social Media Management

  • Profile page set-up (Facebook, Twitter & Instagram)
  • Content creation
  • Scheduling & posting (5 per week per platform)
  • Reactive postings to followers
  • Platform management
  • Finding followers
  • Reporting
  • Branded social media practice poster
  • Following and follower quality management
  • Posting of offers to local communities
  • Instant welcome messages
  • One week’s worth of Facebook & Twitter advertising management (PPC budget not included)