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Rise to the top of the Google rankings

Other marketing agencies may offer you SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) but we’re the only agency in the world to offer SEE (Search Engine Elevation)! What does that mean?

Spot the difference

SEO is the process of ensuring your website is search engine-friendly, so bots such as Google recognise it as a valued website and push it to the top of search result rankings.

SEE takes this one step further, continually ensuring your text and meta tags are keyword-rich so that patients looking for your services will find you first. This involves:

  • Researching relevant keywords for your geographic area and helping you target the best services to promote
  • Inserting those keywords into your text and meta tags in such a way that the copy is keyword-dense without it sounding forced or awkward
  • Monitoring your search rankings to gauge your resulting rise in the rankings

An evolving approach to SEO

When you sign up for our SEE service, we’ll repeat this process weekly, which ensures the search engines are happy with your site –they just love updated content. It also means we can constantly tweak your website’s marketing focus and highlight different services at different times of year, for example teeth whitening for summer or hygienist visits for new year’s resolutions.

SEO for Dentists in Hull

In-depth reporting, feedback and analysis

We make sure you’re kept in the loop, and our weekly reports show you an in-depth analysis of exactly how we’ve helped you climb the rankings. These include data on whether you have moved up or down and how you compare to your local competition.

How much does it cost and what’s included?

Our Search Engine Elevation package for dentists allows you to focus on 3 dedicated campaigns at one time, including research, re-writing and editing of text, google analytics and business integration and regular reports, monitoring and feedback.

Search Engine ElevationRISE TO THE TOP

£ 250

  • Keyword research and integration.
  • Re-writing and editing of text as required.
  • Addition of Google analytics. Integration with Google Plus & Google Business.
  • Weekly monitoring and updates.
  • Monthly reports to practice. (SEE package is dependant on sight of website and ability to edit accordingly).
  • 3 dedicated campaigns will be run on agreed topics.


Is your website down in the dumps?

If your website is lost on page two (or worse!) of the search results, you need our help. Get in touch and let us elevate you to the top!

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