Google AdWords

Pay-per-click digital advertising campaigns to get more patients

Google Adwords

Modern dentists do it digitally!

How can you hope to convince prospective patients that you’re a forward-thinking practice if you’re still only using 20th century advertising methods? Don’t worry – we’ll bring your image bang up to date and help you take advantage of all the wonders paid placement on Google has to offer. In addition to being in sync with contemporary lifestyles, attracting more patients and increasing awareness of your practice, digital advertising provides a targeted, cost effective answer.


“We’re getting new patients, both NHS and private, finding us through the website and saying it’s ‘very well designed’, ‘easy to navigate’ and that they ‘love the colours’!”

Neal MehtaSarum Dental Practice

“We love our new website. We’re really pleased with the way it turned out – it’s very fresh, very modern –basically just what we wanted!”

Caroline WiseFrankel Dental Care

“I don’t really want to do a testimonial, because it lets everyone else know how good you are!”

Amit MistryAM Implants

“What Milkshake has done for us has given us that really sharp, clean, modern look that’s been so successful for us as a brand.”

Ashley ByrneByrnes Dental Laboratory

“Milkshake offers really creative solutions. They listen to you and are very forward-thinking.”

Ashley ByrneByrnes Dental Laboratory

“Other companies we spoke with wanted to charge us extra for copywriting. Obviously that’s not something we’re trained in, so we’d have to spend more just to make sure and avoid plagiarism. With Milkshake we don’t have to worry because it’s all included.”

Neal MehtaSarum Dental Practice

“Milkshake has been extremely helpful with whatever we’ve needed – nothing’s too much to ask for.”

Caroline WiseFrankel Dental Care

“I definitely feel cared for as a client. It’s been a very good experience and I’ve been really well looked after.”

Amit MistryAM Implants

A bespoke landing strip

If you are running a specific campaign or offer, it’s often advisable to create a separate ‘landing’ page where interested patients are directed. This can be crucial in the success of your campaign, and if done correctly with key information and an obvious call to action (either to call or complete a form most commonly) will result in heaps of new leads. This is normally a temporary part of your existing website, but can be a separate micro-site depending on your individual needs.

3 simple steps to new patients:

1. Search

We research the keywords in your area to see what people are searching for. From there we can tailor the advert to people using the search term so that your advert appears to the people who want to find you.

2. Land

Your potential new patient has used your search term and found your advert, had their interest piqued and clicked the link! What now? They are taken to your targeted landing page, full of information and an appealing special offer that they surely can’t resist.

3. Action

Now this is the good bit! Your soon-to-be new patient has decided they like what they see, and in the simple click of a button are taken to an online form to complete their details and register for treatment at your practice… Voila!


What’s included, and how much will it cost?

What’s included?

  • Keyword search
  • Audience research and selection
  • Creation, publication and management of campaigns
  • 4 bespoke landing pages per year
  • Weekly monitoring
  • Monthly reporting

How much will it cost?

Google Adwords comes as standard with our Ultimate Patient Generator Package. Take a look!

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