In support of Cancer Research UK’s Sugar Free February campaign, we’re giving up the sweet stuff.

We’ve helped many of our clients get the message out about how reducing sugar in diets can help both general and dental health. And now it’s time for the team at Milkshake to quite literally put our money where our mouth is. In addition to whatever monies we individually raise by giving up sugar, our directors have promised to donate £200 to Cancer Research UK if we manage to keep our pledge for the month.

What, no sugar in your tea?

Nope. No sugar in our tea. Or coffee either. The pledge leaves it up to each individual whether to make this an entirely sugar-free month, which would include omitting foods such as fruits that contain naturally-occurring sugars, or an added-sugar-free month, whereby only artificially added sugars are avoided. For a better idea of the nitty-gritty, see this handy guide.

We’ve also bowed to the social pressures facing many of our team members and taken a relay approach to the month. Each of us has committed to remaining sugar-free for at least one week, meaning that for the entire month at least some part of our team will be participating.

Want to join us?

Why not set a great example for your patients by ditching the sugar habit and raising money for cancer research yourselves? Apart from the obvious benefits, it’s great PR and will make marketing your practice that much easier!