Film? What film? How very dare they?

The film was ‘Field of Dreams’ and, in it, an American corn farmer hears a voice telling him, “If you build it, he will come.” You may not have seen, or remember, the film, but the quote has morphed into popular culture, albeit in a changed form. “If you build it, they will come’ became a global catch phrase that is still repeated, even when it patently does not apply.

So it was all a lie?

It may have worked a treat to entice the ghosts of deceased baseball stars to a cornfield in the film, but when it comes to growing your business it’s utter rubbish. And dangerous rubbish at that. You know you need a great website as the cornerstone of your marketing, but if you expect to ‘build it and they will come’, you’ll be left sitting staring at the phones, wondering why they’re not ringing.

But back in MY day…

Sure, in the early days of the internet, this approach would have worked, because there simply weren’t that many websites online. As things progressed, search engine optimisation (SEO) developed to help users find your website, and designers performed a cursory SEO sweep on sites prior to launch. However today, with over 1 billion websites on the web, even this isn’t good enough to get you found.

So give it to me straight – what do I gotta do?

Today, good web designers incorporate SEO best practices into their designs from the start, giving you the best of function without sacrificing form. This should, at a minimum, include ensuring your site is fully-responsive and your content is optimised. But to help you truly stand out from the crowd, your marketing team should also be performing regular search engine elevation (SEE). This is an ongoing process of strategically refreshing your content to focus on keywords that highlight your chosen campaigns. Search engines love it, which means they’ll lift your site to the top of the search results.

This SEE sounds great – where can I get me some?

Milkshake Dental Marketing is the only agency in the world to offer SEE, so put us to work for you by giving us a call on 01844 292086 or connecting with us on social media (@MilkshakeDental). We’ll ‘build it to make sure they come’!