Locks = Love

Ever notice that some websites display a padlock before the url in the address bar? No, in case you were wondering, it’s nothing to do with ‘love locks’. It’s all about security, which incidentally is the ‘s’ in https, and tells visitors that the website has added security features to safeguard personal data. Data transmitted via a secure website has an extra layer of encryption, raising its safety profile.

While not technically necessary, this added Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) can be reassuring for users who are being asked to submit personal details. Many internet users are accustomed to only shopping on secure websites and will want to be just as cautious when sharing personal information regarding their health. Therefore, it is a ‘love lock’ of a sort – between you and the visitors to your site.

Safe + Secure = Search Supremacy

Helping your patients feel more comfortable filling in enquiry forms isn’t the only reason to have SSL on your website. Google has confirmed that, like users, they place greater trust in websites with SSL. Because of this, they prioritise these sites in their rankings, so having a secure site will give you a leg up in the search results.

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