Say WHAT?!

Oh yes, you heard right. We’ve gone and won a major international marketing award for the website we created for Teeth Team, a British dental charity!

Award? What award?

We won GOLD in the ‘non-for-profit website’ category of the 2017 Hermes Creative Awards, which are sponsored by the Association of Marketing and Communication Professionals (AMCP).

Just how big was the competition?

The Hermes Awards is an international competition for creative communication and marketing professionals engaged in the ‘concept, writing and design of traditional materials and programs, and emerging technologies’. There were over 6,000 entrants from marketing agencies worldwide.

Awesome! So, tell us more about it…

Given the stiff competition, we’re delighted to have won a gorgeous gold statuette for our display case, but especially thrilled that it was for the Teeth Team website. While all of our clients are important to us, we took special pride in creating a fantastic website for this British charity, as the work they do is incredibly important for the dental health of the nation’s children.

A charity website sounds cool – can we see it?

If you haven’t yet seen the Teeth Team website, why not take a minute to go check it out now. Careful though, it might just inspire you to get involved!

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