You’d think that by now, after winning two international marketing awards (Hermes Creative Awards 2017 & DottComm Awards 2017)  for our work on the Teeth Team website, we’d be a bit blasé about this third win, but no – we’re THRILLED!

Part of the reason this award means so much to us is that it’s from the dental industry, aka YOU. To be recognised by the very industry we aim to represent is an incredible honour and one of which we will continuously strive to be worthy.

We’re especially delighted that it was the Teeth Team website that won, because it’s a dental charity that does fantastic work giving back to the community. If you haven’t already checked it out, please do – and share it with your patients. It’s visually stimulating and full of great oral health education information for children and parents.

Finally, as we’re a little bit psychic here at Milkshake, we know you’re thinking that you’d like to have an award-winning website too. Well, what’s stopping you? Get in touch and put us to work on it straight away!

Are you ready to commission our next award-winning project?