NICE recently published a new quality standard on oral health promotion in the community. So what does it mean for you?

The new standard aims to protect the teeth of the most vulnerable members of our communities, by urging local authorities to better safeguard the dental health of children and those in care. Specifically mentioned are the inclusion of oral health in care plans for those receiving support and outreach in schools to educate young people about proper brushing. Dentists are also called upon to better educate those coming for emergency care about the importance of regular oral hygiene and dental check-ups.

You might be doing all of this already and, if so, then great! But how can you incorporate this new standard into your marketing?

Where some might see regulation and directives, we see opportunity. If you’re not already reaching out to your community, then now is the time to start. Remember, it’s a win-win. You fulfil NICE’s brief and help promote good oral care, whilst simultaneously promoting your practice. And in case you think that’s cynical, don’t. There’s nothing wrong with shouting about it when you’re doing good. Quite the contrary – it might encourage others to step up and get involved too!

In addition to boosting your practice profile, community outreach offers a hidden benefit to your business, which is that it encourages new and lapsed patients to come in for a check-up. This gives you a chance to address any dental neglect and can even help you reach your UDA target.

If this all sounds good, but you’re not sure where to start, get in touch with your social marketing team at Milkshake!

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