Special can be serious

So, did you do anything special for World Play Your Ukelele Day? Lame Duck Day? Wave All Your Fingers at Your Neighbours Day? No, we’re not kidding – these are all ‘special days’ that were celebrated last month. You may think it’s all getting a bit much, with several special calls to action competing for every single day of the year. But we’d ask you to think again, because the flip side is that these are all opportunities for your marketing to take a free ride on social media.

Get your patients working for you

Step out of your dental scrubs for a minute and see things from your patients’ perspective. Most of them are logging on and off social media pretty much all day long. And the posts they’re sharing are the ones that catch their imagination, which probably doesn’t include your strict reminder to floss twice daily. So how do you grab their interest? Have fun and be engaging. Choose a few special occasion days and tie them into your practice, making them highly shareable, whilst still working for you.

Need an example?

2nd March is National Old Stuff Day, so why not ask your followers what they’re planning to recycle or throw out and, at the same time, remind them to replace their old toothbrush? 2nd March is also National Book Day, a perfect time to ask your patients who their favourite fictional dentist is (and remind them to ‘like’ and ‘share’ if YOU are their favourite real dentist)! Anything that gets them to engage with you and, ideally, share your post, is marketing gold. Your posts will be seen by not only your followers, but everyone searching for the associated hashtag. And, best of all, it’s free.

Mind your weeks and months too!

It’s not just days – there are special special weeks and months too. Most, if not all, are conveniently indexed on https://www.awarenessdays.co.uk (for more serious causes) and https://www.daysoftheyear.com (for the more whimsical) so why not put a few on your social media calendar and ride those hashtags to success?

Want some help? Just say ‘Yeehaw!’

And if you don’t have time for such shenanigans, don’t worry – we have two dedicated social media gurus on staff whose job it is to post fun and engaging content for you (yes, they do love their work). So give us a call on 01844 292086 or connect with us on social media (@MilkshakeDental) and we’ll soon have you participating in Quirky Country Music Song Titles Day on 27th March!